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The biggest online slot win may seem like a rare event, but when it happens there is no feeling like it. Whenever you hear about someone winning big at the casino it is wonderful and exciting to know that a person's life is changing within seconds. The biggest online slot win will definitely come from a progressive jackpot. These jackpots can grow to mammoth proportions because every time a player plugs coins into a slot machine, a percentage of the money is contributed to the jackpot. Though it is rare, but scoring the biggest online slot win can change a person's life forever. Imagine becoming a millionaire in a matter of minutes!

Since online casinos have been established there have been many who have scored the biggest online slot win. The record for the biggest win has been broken several times as someone always scores a bigger jackpot, and it is sure to get broken again soon. The first biggest online slot win came in 2002 when an online player won 1.59 million dollars from a progressive jackpot. This record was broken in 2005 when a woman in Florida won 1.96 million dollars from progressive jackpot in an online slot game. The biggest online slot casino win so far probably occurred in 2009 when an online player in Microgaming hit the jackpot and won a whopping 8.69 million dollars.

There are people who may not have scored the biggest online slot win, but they have certainly won big in casinos. There is the legendary Kerry Packer who won about 20 million dollars in a single night at the Las Vegas MGM Grand casino. The biggest jackpot win in the history of Las Vegas occurred in 2003 when a young man plugged in around $100 and won the jackpot of 39.7 million dollars.